In the City of Pigs

In the City of Pigs is a novel about classical music, Toronto real estate, modernity, and the difficulty of creating art under the conditions of late capitalism.

Naben Ruthnum has called it “funny, mysterious, completely unpredictable, and never didactic,” and Paige Cooper says it is “an essential novel.” My mother found it a bit rude, but she still thinks you should buy it.

It will be available from Dundurn Press on June 14, 2022.

After Realism: Twenty-four Stories for the Twenty-first Century

After Realism: Twenty-four Stories for the Twenty-first Century is an anthology of short fiction published mostly by Canadian writers, mostly in Canada, between 2014-2020.

In bringing together stories from a wide range of authors engaged in aesthetic and political questions related to representation and reality, I wanted to provide concrete examples of how literature is responding to the chaos and upheaval of the past decade.

The book contains work from Jean Marc Ah-Sen, Ryan Avanzado, Carleigh Baker, Tom Thor Buchanan, Paige Cooper, Marcus Creaghan, Paola Ferrante, Camilla Grudova, David Huebert, Jessica Johns, Cody Klippenstein, Michael LaPointe, Julie Mannell, Sofia Mostaghimi, Téa Mutonji, Fawn Parker, Casey Plett, Rudrapriya Rathore, Naben Ruthnum, Eliza Robertson, Cason Sharpe, John Elizabeth Stintzi, Gavin Thomson, and Christiane Vadnais.

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