Literary Criticism (2018)

Randy Boyagoda’s New Novel is Both Deeply Catholic and Deeply Funny (a review of Original Prin)

2018 | The Walrus, December 2018

The Supreme Orchestra

2018 | Quill&Quire

Writing on the Wall (a review of CanLit in Ruins)

2018 | Maisonneuve September 2018

Portrait of the Artist as a Young Woman (a review essay on Marie-Claire Blais’ The Manuscripts of Pauline Archange)

2018 | Canadian Notes & Queries, Number 103: Fall 2018

Strange Embrace: CanLit’s post-realist moment

2018 | Canadian Notes & Queries, Number 102: Summer 2018

Can Fiction Truly Capture the Mind of a Tyrant? (a review of The Bleeds)

2018 |

Camilla Grudova’s The Doll’s Alphabet

2018 | Canadian Notes & Queries, Number 101: February 2018

Will a Posthumous Story Collection Help Canada Forgive Norman Levine? (a review of I Don’t Want to Know Anybody Too Well)

2018 | The Walrus January 2018

Zolitude by Paige Cooper 

2018 | Quill&Quire

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